Florida Gators with Multiple Wins on Day 1 of the SEC Championships

Kahlia Warner
Kahlia Warner - Photo/FSN-UF
Kahlia Warner
Kahlia Warner – Photo/FSN-UF

Florida Gators with Multiple Wins on Day 1 of the SEC Championships

Tuesday Results

By Joe Auer
Interviews/videos by Ben Schmitz

Colombia, MO, 2/16/16—Day one proved to be quite a speedy night at the Mizzou Aquatic Center for the Florida Gators during the SEC Championships. The Championships will be through Saturday as the Gator men’s team strives for a four-peat.

Beginning the big evening for the Gators was senior diver Kahlia Warner, winning the 1 meter competition with a commanding performance and a 346.10 score to a 333.75 score for the second place Rebecca Hamperian from Kentucky.

The 200 Medley Relay was the first event for the swimming portion of the championships where the Lady Gators, (Georgia Mae-Hohmann, Lindsey McKnight,  Alyssa Yambor-Maul,  Mollie Pulte) finished 10th, with a time of 1:40.18.  Of note, former FGCU swimmer Kira Toussaint lead the winning Tennessee in the backstroke and Boca Raton’s Harper Bruens anchored with a 22.57.

The men’s 200 Medley Relay was quite impressive where the Gators came seeded 3rd and blew it open with a fast lead out by Jack Blyzinskyj 20.93, fast breaststroke by all around swimmer Caeleb Dressel 23:43, flyer sophomore Jan Switkowski 20.33, and Senior Corey Main anchored with a 19.00 to win it, 1:23.69.

Of note, Auburn’s and PCST’s Michael Duderstadt swam a speedy 23.22 on the breaststroke leg of second place Auburn.

The last event of the night was the 800 Free Relay for both the Women and the Men with the ladies swimming to a decent 3rd place finish in 7:03.44. Greta swims from Ashlee Linn 1:46.20, Natalie Hinds 1:43.77, Jessican Thielmann 1;47.71, and Amelia Maughn 1:45.76.

On the men’s side, the incredible relay team of Pavel Werner, 1:33.82, Mark Szaranek 1:33.13, Mitch D’Arrigo 1:33.96, and Jan Switkowski 1:32.73 swam a great time of 6:13.64 and won the event.

The Florida Gators men’s team ends Day 1 in 3rd place (141) behind Auburn (170) and Mizzou (151). Wednesday events begin at 11:00 am and finals will begin at 7:00 pm.

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